Isola del Garda, our Family home, is a place of rare and special beauty.
A precious jewel, bursting with history, memories and legends. A treasure surrounded by clear waters of the lake.
A picturesque rock that has welcomed ancient people from Romans to the Longobards. 
It was home of St. Francis, St. Anthony of Padova, St. Bernard of Siena and probably Dante Alighieri.
The early 20th century villa built in Neo-Gothic-Venetian style rises up southwards, in all its elegance and charm.
This impressive and harmonious building is full of surprising architectural details with Italian style terraces and gardens sloping down to the lake.

From April to October the Borghese Cavazza family opens their home to guided tours, surrounding the visitors with traces of history, untouched nature as well as Italian and English gardens. Parts of their harmonious and impressive neogothic-venetian style home will also be shown.
The tour takes about 2 hours and includes a welcome drink.

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