Founded in 1989, the Park occupies a surface area of approx. 38.000 hectares including the local council areas of Salò, Gardone Riviera, Toscolano Maderno, Valvestino, Magasa, Gargnano, Limone sul Garda, Tignale and Tremosine. In contrast with other parks in the area, which are basically homogenous and of predominantly naturalistic interest, the Gardesan Park is distinguished by its sharp scenic contrasts, range of altitudes (from 65 m at the lake level to almost 2000 m at the highest mountain level), climatic features, vegetation (from Mediterranean scrubland to local subalpine lichen). 

History has made these differences far more evident due to the different development of individual areas such as the hinterland, still bound to a mountain economy even today as opposed to the lake shore area, historically influenced by early varying productive activities far wider in ranger: the time – old production and cultivation of oil and citrus fruits the flourishing trade sector, both protoindustrial and industrial; and the most recent but still with its roots in the past, the tourist trade. This is the real novelty of the Gardesan Park; the interesting environment features complement the vast historical and cultural heritage.


Salò has always represented the gateway to the Riviera along the western bank of Lake Garda, the most important town within the lively and sophisticated capital of what the Venetians called the “Magnifica Patria”. Its predominant role in the economic and administrative life of the area is today reconfirmed. The lakeside promenade and the elegant buildings facing onto it offer the opportunity to encounter the people, history and art of the Lake Garda Region. Among the buildings which stand out there are the Palazzo della Magnifica Patria, built in 1524 to a design by Sansovino and reconstructed after the earthquake in 1901, and the cathedral, enriched over the centuries by important works of art, from the expressive wooden crucifix by Giovanni Teutonico to the paintings of Palma the Younger and Romanini.

Distance from Camping Fornella about 8 km.


Gardone Riviera

The historical villages, which make up the commune of Gardone Riviera are distributed harmoniously between the lake and the hills. From the large hotels on the banks of the lake one reaches the elegant constructions set bank from the coast, through an uninterrupted succession of magnificent parks and gardens.

Thus the charm of tourism from the period of the belle époque, when Gardone achieved renown as an international destination for travellers is conserved intact, while the Vittoriale degli Italiani complex reminds visitors of the figure of Gabriele d’Annunzio and the colourful Botanic Garden of Handré Heller always enchants its numerous guest.

Distance from Camping Fornella about 13 km. 


Toscolano Maderno

The Romanesque church of Sant’Andrea is a demonstration of how important Madernomwas in the Middle Ages. The building looks out over a wide gulf, where the peaks of Monte Pizzocolo and Monte Castello di Gaino are reflected in the water and from whose summits one can enjoy exceptional views over the lake and the inland area. Along the gorge of the Toscolano stream, which generated the delta on which the two large towns which give their name to the commune are situated, the ruins of the Valle delle Cartiere document the history and evolution of an industry, whose origin dates back to the 14th century.

Valle delle Cartiere in Toscolano is not only an interesting historic site but also a naturalistic area with cycling and trekking paths that offer a great landscape and beautiful views over the lake. 

Distance from Camping Fornella about 18 km. 



Of the towns on Riviera, Gargnano is the town, which has, more than any other, maintained the appearance of a tranquil and exclusive 19th century lakeside town, in terms of the development of the town and the prestigious character of the architecture.

The numerous hamlets facing onto the lake, in the hills and mountainous hinterland offer magnificent views while Villa takes us back to the stay of D.H. Lawrence, who wrote memorably about Gargnano, and Bogliaco is marked by spectacular architecture of Palazzo Bettoni.

Distance from Camping Fornella about 25 km.

Limone sul Garda

The main reasons for the constant flow of tourists to Limone are represented by the favourable climate in every season of the year and the hospitality of the inhabitants. The narrow strip of land is shared by the lemon and olive groves with the numerous hotels, alleyways recalling narrow Mediterranean streets and characteristic churches, extending out to reach the foot of the rock faces and austere landscape of the Valle del Singol.

Distance from Camping Fornella about 45 km.


The colours of the azure blue waters of the lake and the white crags where the plant life takes root filter through the rigorous larch bushes. The lake and the mountains are the two outstanding backdrops for the territory of Tignale and are present in all their grandeur above all at the sanctuary of the Madonna di Montecastello, perched on the crest of Monte Cas. A short distance from this remarkable demonstration of the religious sentiment of the people of Lake Garda, the modern Visitor’s Centre for the Park, situated in he hamlet of Prabione, offers an evocative and sometimes surprising itinerary, which illustrate the landscape and the background of the lake and the surrounding area.

Distance from Camping Fornella about 38 km.


The sails of windsurfs and the buildings of the working villane are the most characteristic elements of Campione, the outpost of Tremosine on the banks of the lake. All the villages in this commune, starting with Pieve, with its Romanesque bell tower and its spectacular views over the lake, are instead distributed over a vast plateau, from which one can depart for long excursions in the mountains along the valleys of San Michele and Bondo. However it is the road itself, which makes its way up to plateau from the lake, which represents the most remarkable itinerary: the gorge of Val Brasa represents one of the most spectacular chapters in the natural history of this area and at the same time a demonstration of the courage and ingenuity of the community which constructed this extraordinary route at the beginning the 20th century.

Distance from Camping Fornella about 50 km.


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